About Us | The DYL Story

In 2006 I had the opportunity to travel extensively in North and South America. The first part of my travels took me to British Columbia and the Yukon in Canada. During my visit to the Yukon, I had stayed in a motor-home at what is now Discovery Yukon Lodgings. That first stay there had quite an effect on me.  So much so that I returned later that year, as I had found out that the property was for sale, and subsequently uprooted myself from Ireland to start a new life here. There is a sense of calm and peace here that seems to envelop me, like coming home after a long journey.


You will meet the other team members as you explore the property. They will welcome you at the front desk and feed you delicious home cooked meals from the kitchen. The housekeeping staff will have ensured that your room is clean and prepared for your arrival, and the landscaping and maintenance staff’s work should be evident in containers of flowers, the vegetable garden and the well-maintained property. We are all dedicated to making your stay memorable. 

The staff and I wish your stay with us to be imbued with that sense of home coming that I first experienced in 2006. Welcome to your home away from home.