A Change of plan

June 11th, 2015
A Change of Plan

As some of you will already know we planned to have a fully functioning restaurant for our visitors this season.  We had a cook and some will have already sampled her delicious dishes.  However, we are very sad to say that our lovely cook had to leave us due to a serious illness.  Her cheery smile and yummy food will be missed very much and we all wish her a speedy recovery.

In light of this news we will be unable to offer a restaurant service to all of our guests. We will, however, provide guests booked into our rooms with meals should they require them.

On a more cheery note we had our first grizzly bear through the campground and also a moose and calves!!!  The first shoots in our greenhouse are coming along well and we will soon have fresh home grown veggies to enjoy.

Don’t forget to call in and stay awhile.  We look forward to welcoming you.