A New Season Begins

May 14th, 2016 in Camping in the Yukon
A New Season Begins

Here we are again - back at the start of another fun packed season at Discovery Yukon Lodgings!  The campground has been open since May 1st and the Alaska Highway is already busy with travellers and adventurers.

After a mild winter the Yukon has enjoyed record breaking warm temperatures this spring – the snow now seems like a distant memory and everything is starting to grow again.  The runway here is already turning purple with spring flowers, the leaves are rapidly unfurling on the trees and our avian visitors are returning.  We had the pleasure of watching a Northern Flicker resting on the deck of the main lodge – such a treat!

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to The Swan Haven at Marsh Lake, just outside Whitehorse.  Everything is early this year – even the swans who stopover on the lake during their epic flight from Vancouver to their breeding grounds in Alaska.  They had a record breaking 2000 swans counted on one single day – what an amazing sight!

We’ve been enjoying glorious weather here at the campground – acres of blue sky and lovely warm sunshine – it really is a joy to be back!  We hope you will soon be joining us here at our Oasis on the Alaska Highway – we look forward to meeting you :)