A Sad DAy

July 12th, 2015 in Yukon Plants & Animals
A Sad Day

We have very sad news to report following on from the last post about the baby tree swallows.    After being so excited to see the parents busily feeding their young we were very shocked a few days ago to see a raiding squirrel emerging from the stump with something in its mouth.  We quickly rushed outside but we were too late.  We hoped the squirrel had taken only one baby and that the others would survive, but a Grey Jay must have been watching the squirrel as a short time later he finished off what was left of the young.  Although this is very sad, it shows a true example of how the cycle of life works.  Here in the far north we really do live in a “Dog eat Dog” environment and you can watch the Survival of the Fittest in all its brutal reality.

However, we do also have a nest in a bird box above the window and these parents are still busily feeding their babies.  Their home is golf inspired and was a gift from a previous customer and they seem to love it.

We are grateful that, so far, the second nest has been undisturbed.  Our resident squirrel hound has upped his chasing duties and we are quick to dash out and scare off any we see. It has been both amazing and amusing to sit and watch the babies with their faces poking out of the hole watching our activities! They have been posing for photographs quite calmly!

We are wondering how much longer we will have our organic mosquito controllers with us. The young ones will soon be big enough to stretch their wings and take their first flight.  We hope they will return next year as both staff and visitors alike enjoy watching their mid-air acrobatics.