A Unique Perspective

August 2nd, 2016
a unique perspective

Matt and his brother Mike are in their early twenties, and come from a small town in Ontario called Fonthill. They are living and working here with us for the summer and I asked them if they would share their Yukon impressions and experience with our readers. I am certain that you will appreciate their personal insight into life in the far north of Canada.

It’s been about 7 weeks since my brother and I arrived in the Yukon. It is very unique in many ways and has a strong set of characteristics that will either scare you away or make you fall in love. There are a few things that stood out more then others like the long hours of sunlight, abundance of wildlife and nature, remoteness, and an overall slower pace of life.

I think the big one for me, and most people these days, is the lack of communication in the Yukon - whether it be cell reception, finding good wifi, gps error’s and so much more. I feel it forces you to fall back into a more simplistic way of life, less concerned with the luxuries and reliability of technology. Coming from a generation that has been raised with electronics and an over stimulation of technology I’ve been feeling as though being up here has been a form of detox from this way of life. Although boredom occurs, it forces you to pay attention to the current moment, and to realize the beauty happening all around you.

I think spending extended time in the Yukon would prove a challenge to anyone used to living in modern society and definitely strengthens personal growth. The people I have met thus far, who call the Yukon home, are strong willed people - warm, passionate and extremely giving. I have found they have an untethered passion that is hard to duplicate or find anywhere else.  Frankly it’s been a breath of fresh air in a world where these qualities aren’t so evident sometimes. If you are looking to slow down a little in a society that is seemingly speeding up day after day, then consider a trip to Canada’s north. Massive open spaces, powerful landscapes, untamed wildlife, and compassionate people are all things you can hope to find here. If you are really willing to unplug from modern day amenities then I feel there are endless things to learn here, not just about the unique environment but about yourself as well.