First Bear of the Season

May 22nd, 2015 in Yukon Plants & Animals
First Bear of the Season

We saw our first bear last Saturday!  It was a large black bear right by the White River Bridge which is very close to the campground.  He was busy eating on the side of the road and seemed happy for us to stop and take some great pictures.

No sign of the Grizzlies right here but they have been seen very close by.  In fact one lucky set of campers got to see a pair mating on the side of the road!

We did have a visit from a porcupine a couple of nights ago. 


He ambled slowly down the runway stopping to check out the new spring flowers – hopefully he will stick around.

It has been VERY hot the last few days.  Yesterday our thermometer read 42C in the full sun!  The Yukon is semi-arid and I think this dryness makes both the heat and the cold more bearable.  I would prefer hot and dry to hot and humid any day!

The office is currently being re-jigged and it looks amazing!  With a store area, a seating area and a snug for chilling out with a coffee, I think everyone will be happy.  Plus there are so many cool and interesting antiques and artefacts to look at and learn about.

All our accommodation rooms are ready to go and the campground is fully functioning so why not call in and stay awhile – you don’t want to miss this perfect piece of Yukon paradise!