Meet the Locals: Wildlife of the Yukon

September 29th, 2015 in Yukon Plants & Animals

Nestled in a veritable treasure trove of wilderness, it is no wonder you can discover all kinds of local wildlife in the Yukon. Anyone seeking a wonderful experience viewing creatures of all shapes and sizes should check out this locale! You are sure to see at least a few interesting animals while you are here. 

While there are many varying animals you may see on your visit, here are five typical Yukon locals. 


What is a Canadian vacation without spotting a moose? These large animals reside in various terrains, but prefer the margins of lakes, and muskegs of the boreal forest. Their long, stilt-like legs make it easy for them to travel through practically any terrain, including over deadfall trees and deep snow. You’ll spot them by their huge antlers in the late summer and autumn, making it a bit easier to spy them through the trees.  

Mountain Goats

These hardy creatures love high places above the treeline where they feel safe from predators. They can be quite cautious, so if you spot one, do not bother it – just simply admire its creamy coat, elegant horns, and sure-footedness on surrounding rocks. 

Golden Eagles

These impressive birds of prey can be a rare treat to see as they are increasingly uncommon. These amazing birds will go after all kinds of animals for prey. Many cultures revere them, holding a special reverence for eagles. If you see one, it could mean a good omen for you! 

Wood Bison

You may know these guys as buffalo – we call them wood bison, and they are plentiful in the Yukon! These big animals are easy to spot with their furry coat and humped shoulders. Their coat is extremely thick in order to keep them warm in winter, and in the summer months they shed to keep cool. You will see them foraging for greens and berries. Finding food in the winter isn't a problem for the bison. They swing their large heads from side to side and push the snow away in order to find grass. 


Watch for these prickly customers in the trees in the springtime, where they feed on the new shoots. They love chewing chipboard also! Porcupine has long strands of brown hair with thousands of quills inside. The porcupine has a small face and ears, short legs and a small thick tail. Porcupines rely heavily on smell as they are short-sighted. They live in dens found in rock piles, caves, fallen logs and trees. Our local one lives in a nearby highway culvert!