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Book A Stay

To book a stay with Discovery Yukon Lodgings, please fill out and return the form found at the link below, or calls us at:

Phone 1-867-862-7408
Free Phone 1-844-867-9030


Type of Accommodation required

Check all that apply

Type of Camping Unit

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A credit card number is required to secure a booking.
You will be contacted by phone to obtain this information.


A booking is a contract.The first named person on the reservation form is responsible for the total price of the accommodation or campsite.

Reservations commence at 3pm on the day of arrival and cease at 11 am on the day of departure.

Cancellations And Changes In Confirmed Dates

Guests have until midnight on the reserved night to claim their reserved accommodation or campsite, after which the reservation is considered a no show and the credit card number provided at the time of booking, will be charged with a 100% of the booking cost.

There is no charge for cancellations made up 24 hours prior to the day of the arrival.

Cancellations received after noon on the day of arrival will be subject to a charge equivalent to one nights’ accommodation or camping fee.

Changes in confirmed dates will be subject to availability and must be requested at least 2 days prior to confirmed dates to avoid the cancellation fee.

No email cancellations are accepted.

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