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Botanical and Vegetable Gardens


At Discovery Yukon Lodgings, we are developing a Botanical Garden and the cultivated areas within the grounds are all planted with indigenous species, which are in the process of being labelled with both their botanical name in Latin and their common name to help you identify some of the more prolific species that you will encounter on your journey through the Yukon. Other plants of interest will be labelled throughout the property and it is our intention to develop the garden to include as diverse a plant collection as possible. We are fortunate to have a tiny insectivorous plant, which always creates interest if it is encountered during our guided ethno-botanical walks.


In this part of the Yukon, we do not have access to the ever increasing quantity of fast food outlets which are now an integral part of the modern everyday life. The change in our diets since the introduction and proliferation of these outlets, has led to an alarming increase in obesity in people of all ages and a decline in our general health as a result. How does a Mother Bear teach her cubs how to eat a healthy diet in their natural surrounding? She educates her cubs by making use of Mother Nature’s food store. We encourage our visitors to raise their own fruit and vegetables and reinforce our message of a healthy lifestyle, enhanced by living off the land. We grow our own vegetables in raised beds (an area of soil raised three feet above the surrounding soil, encased by rock) to counteract the permafrost.


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