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Local Activities in the Great Yukon Outdoors

Why not take part in one of our local activities in the Yukon and nearby White River & Beaver Creek. And in the evening on your return to Discovery Yukon Lodgings, join us at the communal firepit, where you can share your day’s adventure with us.

Bird Watching in the Yukon


This area is a good location for bird watching, due not only to the varied landscape, but also the area has not been ravaged by human intervention which can destroy the environment and disturb the breeding and food chain of the wildlife.  Grab your camera, binoculars and your bird book and come and talk to a member of staff who will be able to provide you information on some good birding locations. 


Around this area you are likely to see bunting, chickadee, redpoll,  warblers, grey jays, grouse, ptarmigan, sand piper,  bald and golden eagles amongst other birds of prey,  and Trumpeter Swans to name but a few.  In the spring and fall we are visited by species of migrating birds, such as sandhill crane en-route to their seasonal feeding and breeding grounds.

Canoeing in the Yukon
We are surrounded by lakes and rivers which are suitable for canoeing. If you would like further information, please talk to a member of the staff who will be able to help you find a suitable location. We regret we do not have canoes for hire.

Fishing in the Yukon


Fishing is a favourite pastime within the local community. Come and talk to us, as we can suggest some areas in which you may try your luck fishing.  We are able to provide the necessary fishing Guide Books,  licences and have a small supply of rods, reels and hooks for sale in our gift shop.
We are hoping to be able to offer guided fishing trips in the future.

Hiking in the Yukon


There are some short trails to try within the property, as well as some longer trails which we can recommend for your enjoyment.  You maybe adventurous and prefer to find your own trails, this is the place for you. Are you in need a more challenging hike? Try the 2,000ft (609 mtrs) climb up nearby Miles Ridge. From the plateau you have panoramic views over the lakes and rivers, as well as an amazing array of alpine plants.  We have many guests who would welcome your feedback on any new trails you may find.   We are able to provide snacks and drinks from our gift store for those guests who would like to be away all day.

Mountain Biking in the Yukon


We have no shortage of mountains in this part of the world, some untouched by humans, and others with the remains of historic trails cut through them.   We are able to recommend some trips if you are new to the area, or if you are up to the challenge, you are welcome to forge your own route!  We have a small selection of items such as puncture repair kits, oil, for sale in our gift shop. We regret that we do not have bikes for hire. 

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