Be Prepared To Drive The Alaska Highway

April 5th, 2020 in Camping in the Yukon
The Alaska (or Alcan) Highway is approximately 1,400 miles of highway running from Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Delta Junction, Alaska. Winding its way through snow-capped mountains and forests, past thundering rivers and beautiful flower strewn meadows, driving the Alaska Highway makes for the ultimate road trip and the best way possible to appreciate the wilds of the Yukon and Alaska.

What Should You Do In Order To Make This Great Road Trip?

  1. Decide when to go.

    May through September are the best months to travel with respect to weather and road conditions.

  2. Decide to drive one way or a round trip.

    An alternative to driving a round trip is to drive up beginning in Dawson Creek and return on one of the frequent ferries from Haines Alaska.

  3. Decide what to drive.

    Using a vehicle that is economical, mechanically sound, and has four wheel drive is a good idea. The use of an RV is popular. 

  4. Plan your stops.

    There is so much beauty along this route and so many side trips that it’s a good idea to research ahead of time and choose the placces you wish to visit. At Discovery Yukon Lodgings, we offer accommodations for all genre of campers, from tent sites and full service RV hook ups, to our generous wall tents complete with full size beds, to cosy cabins and our luxurious queen suites.

  5. Decide how long you want to be on the road.

    Trips typically take seven days or more.

  6. Pack emergency supplies.

    Be aware that cell coverage along the Alaska Highway is extremely limited and your phone will only work in populated areas auch as Whitehorse and Haines Junction.  In the event of a breakdown stay with your vehicle as someone will stop to help.  At least one full size spare tire is essential and carry extra coolant and oil, blankets, water, food, a map and navigation materials as well. Check for last minute road conditions and information on construction - the highway is susceptible to frost heaves in winter and as such road improvements occur most summers.  Be prepared to drive on sections of gravel road which can be dusty.

Fuel is available in populated areas such as Watson Lake, Teslin, Whitehorse, Haines Junction, Destruction Bay and Beaver Creek.  Most fuel stations are not 24hr and usually close at 10pm so make sure to keep a check on the time - it's easy to lose track in the eternal summer light of the north!  If you miss one, it can be a long way to the next fuel stop - carrying a jerry can of fuel is a good idea as is topping up at each town.

In summary, keep a written log of places and sites you want to visit.  Plan enough time for side trips and special places. Consider carrying a tent and sleeping bag, even if you don’t plan on camping. Be sure to have a roadside assistance plan.

By performing some simple research and planning in advance, you'll soon be all set to get the most out of your trip along the Alaska Highway (Alcan) whilst discovering the wonder that is The Yukon.