Camping in the Yukon

June 9th, 2014 in Camping in the Yukon

Discovery Yukon Lodgings is the perfect jumping off point for your next adventure.

Going camping is a right of passage. Whether your first camping trip happens with your parents, or you’ve decided that it’s time to experience camping as an adult, camping is a great way to take a break from the world and learn some new things. There is an incredible wealth of natural beauty in the Yukon, and because camping is valued in the Yukon, it’s also very easy for people of all skill and experience levels to enjoy a camping trip in the Yukon. Fans of driving around in an RV or hiking the backcountry will all find a beautiful place to enjoy this unspoiled natural part of Canada.

Making a Plan

If you’re interested in a trip to the Yukon, you can’t do better than starting at Discovery Yukon Lodgings. On the website, there’s more information than you’ll ever need. Want to stay in a full service RV or tent site? Or are you looking for a good night’s sleep in one of our cabins before you embark on a hike-in backpacking trip? Either way, and for anything in between, Discovery Yukon is a perfect place to start. They’re located at the edge of the Kluane Park Preserve, right on the Alaska Highway.

Learning About the Locals

In the Yukon, your neighbors will be local flora and fauna. At the Discovery Yukon website you can find information about the history of the land and what kinds of animals and plants you’ll see during your stay. You can also learn about what makes Discovery Yukon Lodgings so special. As environmentalists and wildlife enthusiasts, the folks at Discovery Yukon designed the site to be an eco-tourism destination. Log cabins and green, grassy tent and RV sites await, as does information about the wilderness and wildlife that will surround you.

Enjoy a truly inspiring visit to a wild place, and start at Discovery Yukon Lodgings.