Experience Ecotourism in the Whitehorse Area

December 29th, 2014 in Yukon Plants & Animals
Experience Ecotourism in the Whitehorse Area.jpg

Ecotourism allows visitors the chance to view and interact with relatively untouched natural areas, done in a careful, respectful, and sustainable way. In the Whitehorse area, this may mean nature walks, touring glaciers and other natural wonders, wildlife spotting, rock hounding, or photographing the beautiful wild areas of the territory. 

Guided Tours of All Kinds 

There are benefits to experiencing ecotourism in the Whitehorse area using a guide. Ecotourism guides have local knowledge which they share with visitors. You could take a guess at what you are viewing, if you venture into nature yourself, but an ecotourism guide can tell you all about Whitehorse and its natural features, plus answer any additional questions you may have. 

Guided ecotourism also ensures that nature is left in its pristine state. As a visitor, you may not know about certain areas, animals, or organisms that should be left untouched or unvisited. Guides are well versed in the local regulations and guidelines, so with their help you will be sure to not make any missteps. Of course, some tours are possible to experience in a self-guided way, and even these types of ecotourism adventures usually come with some helpful suggestions. 

Exotic Extras 

If you are looking for an extra special Whitehorse ecotourism adventure, look for a tour that involves interesting transportation, like a plane, or features such as meals or refreshments. You can make a whole day out of an ecotourism excursion, and you will create lifelong memories in the process. 

If you are at all interested in nature, animals, or local history, sign up to an experience ecotourism adventure in the Whitehorse area.