Feels Like Summer!!!

May 22nd, 2017 in Camping in the Yukon
Feels Like Summer!!!

It’s great to be back at Discovery Yukon Lodgings and it feels like summer has come early!  The days are long, sunny and hot here in the Great White North and it’s only mid May!  We are looking forward to a busy summer welcoming lots of new friends to share in this little piece of Yukon paradise, nestled on the edge of the famous Alaska Highway.P5134739.jpg

The wildlife sightings are coming thick and fast with more new arrivals every day.  The martins are busy nesting and we were treated to a sighting of our resident pair of golden eagles when we went for a hike a couple of days ago.  The snowshoe hares are now in their summer camouflage and you can really only see them when they move and catch a glimpse of a white foot - they have been having great fun racing back and fore across the runway.  No bears actually at the campground as yet but they have been spotted close by as have a mother moose and calf.  The swans are back in their pairs on the close by lakes and it won’t be long till the sandhill cranes pass by on the way to their summer breeding grounds further north.P5134723.jpg


We have lots planned for this summer with events, competitions, campfires and more so watch this space!  A new addition this summer is a food service with lots of yummy dishes for weary travellers to enjoy.  So if you’re passing stop on in and stay for a while – this is a place you really don’t want to miss!