Glamping - A New Way to Camp Along the Alaska Highway

March 30th, 2020 in Camping in the Yukon

Glamping is the New Vacation Trend 

In the last decade, a new trend has emerged in the world of camping. It's called “glamping.” A play on the words “glamorous camping”, glamping is a new way to travel. It has caught on like wild fire. 

When you're glamping, there's no tent to put up, no sleeping bags to unroll, no fire to build. No hard and exhaustive setup to your camping experience. It's a lot like enjoying all the comforts of home while completely surrounded by the great outdoors. 

Luxury Camping is Catching On 

Camping may be appealing to some people, but for most, their first camping trip usually turns out being their last. And no wonder! 

Who wants to put up with the bugs or wild animals, bad weather that comes out of nowhere or food that's spoiled before you can eat it. 

Discovery Yukon Lodgings is the answer you're looking for! 

At Discovery Yukon, we have all the glamping accommodations you would expect. We offer cabins, queen suites, Yukon wall tents, full-service RVs and tent sites. 

Are you looking for breakfast, lunch and supper? How about private showers, and clean bathrooms? Laundry, gift store, DVD rentals, books and games are all available at Discovery Yukon Lodgings. 

We are also a pet friendly destination, so you don't have to think about leaving your best four-legged buddies behind. 

Enjoy the Alaska Highway like never before! 

We offer Guided Nature Tours and Wildlife Spotting, Northern Botanical Gardens and a communal fire pit. 

All these amenities are available to you. Come and experience Alaska the way it was meant to be seen. Comfortably. Experience the peace and quiet of the Yukon area. For a vacation you will long remember! 

What ARE you waiting for? Go glamping at Discovery Yukon Lodgings today!