We have babies!

July 10th, 2017 in Yukon Plants & Animals

While cutting firewood last winter, we came across a stump that had previously made a home for some bird. We absentmindedly put if down in the snow, near our front door with the intention of moving it later, and then completely forgot about it.

In early May of this year, to our great joy, a pair of Northern Flickers moved in and began building a nest. However, as we became busier during the season they promptly moved out.

We left the log undisturbed, to make sure that they really had abandoned it and within half a day of the flickers moving out, tree swallows moved in!

We were initially concerned that the constant human traffic past their front door would disturb the tree swallow’s, but this was proved to be unfounded. Their constant flights in and out of the nest have not been hampered by us sitting outside on the deck during our coffee breaks, and we have all had our ears clipped as they swiftly fly in and out of their home!

We were very excited to recently hear the cheeping sound of fledglings.  I happened to be outside during the early hours one morning, and was surprised to see the tree swallow’s still busy, flying in and out. The frenzied feeding of young ones must continue all night, as we have virtually 24 hours of daylight.

The noise coming from the nest is really very audible and sparks everyone’s interest.  We recently had to put up a sign to ask our customers to remain a respectable distance from the nest, after several people tried putting their cameras in the hole to try to get a close up shot of the family!

Here is a great picture of one of the parents entering the nest, you can really see how iridescent the feathers are.

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