Wildlife Viewing While Camping and RV-ing in the Yukon

August 4th, 2014 in Camping in the Yukon
Wildlife Viewing While Camping and RV-ing in the Yukon

Perhaps because the winters are so long and so harsh here in the Yukon, it often seems as though the wildlife is more vivacious, more curious, and certainly hungrier in this far northern climate during the short but brilliant summer months. 

In the summer, which is berry season, it is common to spot grizzly bears feasting on wild berries. Look carefully—what may look like a large boulder or stump in an alpine meadow, just might begin to move. These incredible animals seem to amble nonchalantly across the landscape, their powerful muscles rolling under their thick coats as they move from one berry patch to the next. 

They aren’t just eating for enjoyment, either. They need all they can get in the summer to build up enough fat to make it through the winter. You can tell it’s a grizzly rather than a black bear by the large hump in its back. Often, the females will have a cub or two with them this time of year, and it is so much fun to watch the cubs tumble and play and then run friskily to catch up to their mother. 

Even seeing wild animals from a distance is a unique and beautiful experience, and it’s available to campers who are enjoying summer in the Yukon. Enjoy the wildlife of the Yukon by RV and you’ll have the flexibility to enjoy every minute of wildlife viewing no matter where you are.